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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical ceremony?


The length of the ceremony is up to you, but they typically last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Is premarital counseling required?

No, premarital counseling is not required. I do, however, like to recommend the book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, by Gary Chapman. It contains sound advice that any couple can benefit from. 

Are there any restrictions on what you will and will not allow in a ceremony?

No restrictions!

Will you conduct the ceremony outside of a house of worship? If so, does that change any of the restrictions?


Because I am a non-denominational officiant, I perform ceremonies everywhere! There are no restrictions.

Can we write our own vows?


Yes! Writing your own vows adds a great personal touch to a ceremony. I can also provide samples for some inspiration.

What authority do you have to perform legal ceremonies?

I am an ordained wedding officiant and have full legal authority to perform your wedding ceremony. Click here to view my certificate of ordination.

Will you be able to legally officiate at our wedding location?


I am legally authorized to officiate wedding ceremonies in Michigan. If you live in another state I may have to register as an officiant. There is no additional fee for the extra paperwork.

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